At the recent Intuit QuickBooks national conference Paul Shrimpling shared his experiences and insights into the power of one very specific and very powerful KPI for accountancy firms.

From the main stage Paul also shared the 4 big upside benefits of client meetings and why client meetings should be the top priority in your firm.

But what happened in the 4 break-out sessions he ran?

Each break-out session was different because there were different firms in each session all with different issues, different questions and different things to share.

On this brief 8 minute video Paul quickly summarises these for you so you too can apply one or more of the 4 insights to your accountancy firm...

1. The 4 BIG WINS FROM EVERY CLIENT MEETING are too powerful to ignore…

2. YOUR TIME IS PRECIOUS so how do you use it wisely and grow your firm?

3. What do you do to massively INCREASE THE QUALITY OF YOUR CLIENT MEETINGS so you get even bigger gains in your firm?

4. What ONE THING IS ESSENTIAL if you’re going to truly capture the value of the other insights?

Mouse over the video above to get Paul’s 4 key insights instantly, plus some additional resources to help you…

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