Change when successfully managed in your firm can lead to dramatic results. Results that right now will help your firm survive and thrive the uncertain future ahead.

To achieve these results Jonathan Haidt, an eminent psychologist, suggests change works best when both the emotional and the logical sides of our brains are engaged

He believes that the memorable 3-part pattern for success is a RIDER on an ELEPHANT on a PATH. I know this sounds a bit like an Indiana Jones movie, but successful change requires us to:

Direct the Rider – Use a strong obvious and logical reason for change to influence the rider (your team). Follow the bright spots, script the critical moves and point to the destination – show your team the positives to the change that you want to make, the plan you have to effect this change and the benefits to your firm as a whole when it is achieved.

Motivate the Elephant – Appeal to their emotions, as well as to their logic - influence the emotional elephant in your team members!  Find the feeling, shrink the change and ultimately grow your people - make the change personal to your team, show an emotional improvement that will enhance the way they feel. Don’t just focus on the business benefits, focus on the personal development benefits too.

Shape the Path – Make the route, the steps, the path to change crystal clear, obvious and explicit to your team. Use a checklist, make sure everyone knows their roles, create a culture of togetherness. In this current climate, stress the need for all of your team to be involved, this will be welcome and make them feel more secure about the future and the direction they and your firm are going in.

Change the environment, build new habits and motivate the entire team.

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