How much better would your accountancy firm be if you could create the best environment and structure to get the best results from all your people?

I’m sure within your team you have highly motivated, enthusiastic people… however it may be that even they need help finding the discipline and the structure to get things done.

Let’s look to the very best world-class sports coaches to see how important the working environment is…

Dave Brailsford, General Manager of ​Team INEOS (formally Team Sky) believes that the working environment is paramount to the success of his cycling team.

Brailsford and his management team created ‘marginal gains’ – the small things that, although the team are on the move all the time, keep the environment around them a constant and one of success.

Brailsford states:

“Take beds for example, different beds every night with different mattresses and pillows, affect performance, especially if the rider does not sleep well.  So, the solution was to create our own bedding for each cyclist and take it everywhere with us, so Chris Froome has the right mattress structure which is right for his spine and he sleeps on it every night”

The environment Brailsford and his team created helped determine the world-beating results they achieved – its why they won 7 of the 8 tours up to 2019.

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