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A brilliant staff performance appraisal process for your accountancy firm

You may have been using the same system for performance appraisals for many years, and on some level, it may have worked for you…

But would the answer be the same if the members of your team were asked what they thought about your firm’s appraisal system?

There is a great deal of science about the performance review process…

However, this is only relevant when you take seriously the value of the performance review to your people and to your accountancy firm.

In a nutshell, you need to seriously follow a proven appraisal process and make it non-negotiable time in your calendar/diary.

Here are some steps to help you along the way:

  • Use a simple appraisal form – we have all been there, when you are handed a 10-page document to fill in. It’s time consuming, overcomplicated and unnecessary. A one-page form will help you focus on the issues that really matter and not get distracted by inconsequential issues
  • Give the performance review your full and wholehearted attention. Don’t allow the meeting to be interrupted in any way, and ensure the person realises that for this time you are focused on them alone. The value that comes from this one to one time is immeasurable
  • Diarise the performance review meeting and do not change, reduced or cancel the meeting.  It can be very disheartening for a team member if you cancel or cut the meeting short. They will feel that the performance review is unimportant to you (the manager) or at the very least less important to you than the reason they cancel or change the meeting.
  • Make sure the performance review reflects the culture of your company.  Timpsons is different to American Express, your accountancy firm different to other firms.  Keep your performance review simple AND tailor it to your own firm’s culture.

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