How did Remarkable Practice come to exist?

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You can meet the remarkable people who make it all happen at Remarkable Practice on this page.

Here’s some background about Paul Shrimpling, the founder of Remarkable Practice…

Since July 2002 Paul Shrimpling has worked with hundreds of accountants.

Before that he spent more than a decade buying accountancy services as a business owner.

So he has worked ‘both sides of the fence’.

Paul says…

“I know what it’s like not to get the accountancy advice I need. In fact it cost me my first business! This may sound a bit melodramatic so let me explain…

“My father and I started and built a £1million upholstery business. A business with a reputation for delivering on-time every-time, beautiful hand-crafted sofas and chairs to interior designers across the UK and Europe.

“We employed 18 people, we bought our own building, it lasted 15 rollercoaster years.

“Because I didn’t demand the accountancy service I needed (nor did I change accountants) I didn’t get the advice I needed when deciding to invest in a London showroom. This, when coupled with an industry downturn and a 16 week absence from the business (due to illness), resulted in a serious sales and cash flow challenge. One we did not fully recover from.”

And what a blessing.

Why a blessing?

“Two reasons. First, because I received the best business education that money could never buy. Returning from illness we re-financed the business and spent 6 months bringing the business back from the brink. We also found a buyer.

And second, because I met Steve Pipe of AVN. And from 2002 I worked alongside Steve and his AVN team helping UK accountancy firms become more successful.”

So Paul spent 5 years at AVN (2 years as MD) working with hundreds of accountancy firms

Then came Remarkable Practice

Paul opened Remarkable Practice’s doors in July 2007.

“Accountancy firms are the focus at Remarkable Practice.”

“We are constantly developing simple ways of improving accountancy practices in order to generate remarkable results.”

“We are proud to work with firms who are serious about improving what they do and improving how they do it . The accountancy firms we work with are laying the ‘roots’ of future sustainable success, some are already seeing the results (click on living proof to see who we work with).”

You can meet the full team at Remarkable Practice on this page.

You can look at some of Paul’s innovations for marketing accountancy practices on the Products page.

He is also available to speak in front of groups of accountants and business owners.

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