A 2016 article woke me up again to this vitally important subject.

A fundamental principle of business success was captured by a three-word phrase back in the 1980s by Jan Carlzon. Carlzon transformed his business thanks to his focus on MOT (Moments of Truth)​

​Here’s the essential learning from this valuable story

Carlzon’s idea of Moments of Truth has since been morphed, modified and magnified and become a mainstay of businesses like Google, Apple and the like.

But what about accountants?

Many accountants are familiar with the MOT idea. But I find it strange that most accountants do not yet fully embrace the MOT concept like Google do.

What’s neat though is the transformation of the accountancy profession by the cloud and online accounting (and some helpful nudges from the Government too!). This cloud shift is bringing an even greater focus on the importance of MOT. Here’s why it’s so important...

More than anything, your clients’ moments of truth experience with your accountancy firm determines your firm’s success.

Carlzon transformed the results at Scandinavian Airline Services (SAS). In just 12 months he turned the business around. In one year earnings were up £40 million in a drastically slumping market where other international airlines collectively lost more than £1 billion. Carlzon’s focus? 5 x 15 second interactions with customers –

​Here’s a 4-page summary of the MOT concept for your firm.

Google have fully embraced and expanded the MOT concept – Google are not alone.

So why don’t more accountants take the ‘moments of truth’ concept more seriously? And why don’t more accountants talk to their business owner clients about moments of truth? MOT has stood the test of time and got the wholehearted backing of many great and successful companies.

My moments of truth argument for accountants:

Your client meetings are your firm’s ultimate moments of truth. Increase the number of them and improve the quality of them and your accountancy firm will be more successful.

Do everything possible to protect this MOT focus. Do what you can to keep all the other distractions and claims on your time, effort and energy at bay.

This 4-page ‘how-to’ report gives you all you need to know about the Carlzon SAS success and how to apply the moments of truth concept to your firm. It also (in the support tools – which there is a link to on the 4-page report) gives you what you need to talk knowledgably to your clients about their moments of truth.

​And if you want more insight this 2016 Forbes article gives a contemporary view about this fundamental success principle as used by Google.

Are you ready to make more of MOT in your firm and with clients?

Carlzon focussed on just 75 (5 x 15) seconds worth of moments of truth and achieved astounding results. What could you and your firm achieve?