The best testimonials do not talk about what you and your accountancy firm did for a business.

The best testimonials talk about the value your firm delivered to your client. Or rather the value your client received because they worked with you.

A great example would be: “The relationship we have with our bank manager is now a key strength for our business. Before [YOUR FIRM’S NAME] got involved we ran the very serious risk of the bank pulling the plug on our overdraft and sending our business into free-fall.”

Even though both testimonials relate to the same service, a weaker example would be: “[YOUR FIRM’S NAME] have been brilliant at providing us with monthly management accounts and helping us better understand them.”

Yes, understanding management accounts is good - but getting the bank on board supporting the business is the real outcome.

Why not have another close look at your customer quotes in your testimonials?

Then assess them according to the outcomes, results and value your accountancy firm has delivered – not the things you did.

Then get your strongest testimonials front-and-central in all your marketing communications.

NB the same insight applies to your case studies too. Using this simple but valuable insight… make your testimonials and case studies outcome and value driven.

What’s the best customer quotation you have about your accountancy firm?

How important do you think your testimonials are in keeping clients and winning new clients?​

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