You shouldn’t care that I read a lot of business books. 

One a month, occasionally two a month and sometimes more. 

But perhaps, because I’ve been committed to helping accountants achieve remarkable results for over 12 years, you should care about the few books that totally enthrall me?

This one has more highlighter pen than most of the books I’ve read – and I refer back to it often.

Probably the most valuable book in the world – if you’re an accountant…

As an accountant you are a numbers expert.

And your business owner clients trust you to advise them on their numbers.

This book makes you more trustworthy as a numbers expert.

By now you’re either off to Amazon to buy the book or I’ve got your back up for being so pompous and presumptuous.

Hey, all I want is for you and your firm to be more successful by helping business owners be more successful too.

Read the book “Measure What Matters to Customers: Using Key Predictive Indicators (KPIs)” and let me know what you think.
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