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Here’s how accountants avoid this one-way ticket to disaster in their firm and turn it to their advantage…

Yes this sounds a bit melodramatic, please forgive me, and please hear me out…

Every accountant’s one-way ticket to disaster is to reduce the number of conversations with business owner clients.

Let’s look at TWO EXTREMES:

  • In the first place, if you didn’t talk with business owners, you’d never get them to start working with you and your firm
  • For existing clients, if you suddenly ceased to talk with them, they’d soon get the message you no longer care, and move to another firm

Having fewer conversations with business owners undermines every business relationship you have.

And what if your competitors are talking to your clients (and prospects) more than you are? Failure beckons.

Relationships are built and nurtured through meetings and calls, not emails.

Relationships are built and nurtured through conversations.

Therefore, the number and the quality of the conversations you have determines, more than anything else, your firm’s profits and capital value.

Here’s how accountants cut through to what matters most to business owners…

I’m asked in workshops, seminars and consulting meetings which KPIs are the most important, most relevant, most worth tracking in a firm of accountants.

One of the ‘biggies’ (and the one most ignored) is ‘number of client conversations’.

Whenever I see a firm increase the number of conversations (face-to-face, and over the phone) with business owners a number of things start to happen:

  1. Client loyalty improves
  2. Cross-sales of additional services increases
  3. Referrals to new businesses increases
  4. Price increases are accepted more readily

So here are 3 immediate actions

Are you targeting, holding, and managing enough high-quality conversations with business owners?

What do you do to measure and manage the number of conversations you have?

Every success

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