If and when your accountancy firm does more work, and better work in less time you’ll beat your competition hands down.

Chances are, when you do more work and better work in less time you will better impress your clients and get more referrals as a consequence. More referrals means you’ll win new clients, grow your fees, grow your profits and grow the value of your firm too.

Alternatively allow your local competition this brain work advantage and you’ll be at the mercy of their success. Allow your competition to race ahead of you in the way they use their business brains and your clients, your fees and your profits will be at risk.

Here’s the rub…

Whoever (you or your competing accountancy firms) uses their business brain the best will be the winner in your area.

So how do you increase your chances of winning?

Use your brain the way nature and evolution intended.

Not the way most people and most accountants use it.

This months edition of Business Bitesize draws on many studies from neuroscience and shares 4 simple steps to help you use your business brain in a better, shrewder way.

Read it. Use it. And you’ll be able to get more work and better work done in less time with less stress. Share it with your people and they’ll also get more done in less time too.

Not bad from a 4-page report about a small but vitally important part of your business brain.

Challenging the norm…

Accountants often complain to us that they have too much to do and just can’t fit anymore in – have you ever heard one of your team say something like this?

But is over-work or lack of time really the issue?

Most people have not been taught to use their time at work effectively.

Most people have not been taught how to make best use of the most amazing, most advanced, most capable organ known to man – the human brain.

Instead when their brain is at its best they choose to do the brain-draining work of reducing their email inbox, LinkedIn messages, phone call messages or other social media messages. 20 minutes of this reduces your brain’s ability to work, just like 20 minutes of push-ups would completely wear out your arms’ biceps.

Strangely enough most people do not choose to focus on the No.1 priority of the day because they haven’t worked out what it is or if they know their No.1 priority they don’t work on it when their brain is freshest. They prefer to wait till their brain is out of juice before tackling the most important job of the day. Like loading heavy boxes into a van after doing the 20 minutes of push-ups.

This month’s edition of Business Bitesize directs you to 4 simple steps you can take to a more productive day every day for the rest of your life!​

Here is a copy of an easy-to-read 4-page business report which has some essential reading and help for you in order to help you maximise the use of your business brain.

There are exercises, checklists and tools that will guide you to make a breakthrough with your business brain.

When do you believe your peak brain time is every day?

Which of the 4 helping hands, the 4 next steps, will best help you every day?

When you read the 4-page report think about how differently you could work when really under pressure – January tax deadline / filing deadlines for a glut of March year ends / just before you break for Christmas.

How does the way you work during these periods follow the brain’s best practice according to the report here?

Paul Shrimpling