Easter is still several weeks away but already the marketing has begun.

Easter Eggs are in the shops, Cadbury Creme Eggs are at every till and last week I saw the first Easter cards for sale.

How far in advance do you offer, sell and market your products and services?

The question is, is this early push for Easter clever marketing or a turn off to customers?

Is your marketing clever or have you lost clients because it is not your main focus?

Easter has become one of the most profitable holiday seasons of the year. For many of the chocolate manufacturers around the UK their sales for Easter can determine their success for the rest of the year, so they must get their ‘marketing offer’ right.

In 2015 Cadbury got it wrong…

They changed the recipe of the Creme Egg just before Easter and consequently lost £6m in sales that year, nearly all of which they attributed to the fall in sales of the Creme Egg.

When was the last time you looked at how you market your business?

How much time do you spend on your marketing offer?

Most businesses are short of high-value sales opportunities.

In truth most businesses don’t know what to do to create high-value sales opportunities.

So… get your offer right!

If your prospective customers doubt your product, they will doubt your service and your firm.

Cadbury had to work much harder in 2016 to claw back some of the reputation they had lost in 2015 and due to the strength of their offer and their product they made a profit in 2016 on the Creme Egg! JUST!

For accountants, it can be harder to sell your products and services than it is to sell chocolate at Easter, but it shouldn’t be…

If you spend time working on the quality of the proof that your product or service is better than your competition's, your prospective customers will believe in your product or service, believe in your firm and therefore believe in your offer.

This will give you a competitive advantage and make them buy from you, leading to more sales opportunities and increased profits.

Build more proof about your products or services to make your offer interesting, unique and give your clients a good reason to buy from you rather than your competitor.

So be a good egg and click here to learn that by spending only 30 minutes a week on your proof-building marketing activity you will strengthen your offer.​

You will then be on the road to doubling, trebling or maybe even quadrupling the number of sales opportunities you get for your business.