As an expert in numbers, your job as an accountant is to work with the numbers that help the business owner launch into a brighter future.

So how do you and your accountancy firm influence a business owner’s future for the better?

Influence a business owner’s future for the better and you increase your average fee and ultimately your firm’s profitability.

Your reputation is telling…

Do you really want your reputation to be like most other accountants, looking backwards at the historical performance of the business?


… do you want your reputation to be built on looking forward, by looking at the numbers that influence the future success of your business owner clients.

Seek a valuable competitive advantage…

Clearly, your accountancy firm becomes the go-to firm for ambitious business owners when you build a reputation for helping business owners succeed.

Such a reputation will win you more high-value clients.

Such a reputation will win you higher fees and profits.

And such a reputation will make your firm attractive to higher quality team members too.

Time to use the numbers to look forward…

Join me at Accountex and you’ll hear about one modest-sized firm with an average fee of £35,000, and another small firm with an average fee of £26,500.

These firms have earned the right to such high average fees because of their future focus with their clients.

These firms talk numbers with their clients but they focus on KPIs that few accountants touch on.

When you get close to these same KPIs you too can step into a brighter and more profitable future for your clients and for your firm.

One-time only opportunity…

I’m only at Accountex for the morning of Day One because my eldest son is performing his graduation composition at the Royal Welsh College of Music in Cardiff later the same day. But at 12 noon on the 10th May you’ll get all the insights I can cram into 45 minutes before I go jump on a train to Cardiff.

If you haven’t already got your ticket for Accountex click the button below and get in free of charge

And join me in the ADVISORY GROWTH STRATEGIES theatre (delivered by Futrli) at 12 noon Wednesday 11th May. The presentation is called:

Secure your firm’s profits and capital value by measuring the right KPIs – but which ones?

Hopefully see you there.