An accountants leap year – what are you planning?

366 days not 365 days make 2016 a leap year.

Why have an extra day every four years?

Because if we kept every year at a fixed 365 days, the months would gradually shift with the sun until in 750 years' time, June, in the northern hemisphere, would fall in the middle of winter.

And that would be weird.

[NB There’s more to it with an adjustment every hundred years and another every 400 years – but we don’t really care do we? If you do you can find out more here 

I just wondered what leap you have planned for your firm this year?

What about a greater commitment to improving leadership capabilities across your firm?

Why a leap to leadership?

When preparing a recent edition of our business breakthrough newsletter for accountants I discovered some valuable research from the world of human resources (HR). It points to improving leadership as the reason behind improved results in business.

If your leadership capabilities and the leadership capabilities of your team improve, the research suggests your results, your profits, your capital value will improve too.

Worth committing your one extra day to improving leadership in your firm don’t you think?

To investigate this further here’s two options for you.

1. Check out the business breakthrough recently written on one finite element of leadership, the appraisal process. Improve this single process and you can improve your leadership in your firm – chances are it will improve your results too 

Find the 4-page business breakthrough on high performance reviews here

2. Check out this insightful report from last leap year (2012) from the ICAEW. It’s only three pages and I reckon you’ll find at least one idea you can use to leap to improved leadership in your firm this leap year 

Enjoy your extra day, invest your time wisely.

Every success

Paul Shrimpling