My son excitedly introduced me to Curtis Mayfield recently.

“Move On Up” is clearly a classic.

You probably recognize it from the name alone and may even be able to hum the tune from memory?

I’ve heard it dozens of times over the years.

You probably have too?

But when your 18 year old son, who’s studying jazz bass at a London conservatoire of music, wholeheartedly suggests you “listen to this Dad”, you listen.

So I listened.


What an epic treat.

8 minutes 55 seconds of musical genius (extended version).

If you want the same musical treat it’s here -

Lessons from a trusted adviser

Michael, my 18 year old son, has very high musical standards and very high musical aspirations too. I’ve learned to respect his choices of music, whether from the 1970s or from 2015. So when he enthusiastically recommends a tune, I’m ‘all ears’. I don’t always love it like he does, but it’s always worth listening to. I look forward to his recommendations. I seek out his recommendations too.

Forgive me if this is a bit glib or contrived, but here’s the serious point I’m making:

“What are you doing to regularly share valuable business guidance to your business owners in an excitable, enthusiastic, wholehearted way?”

You are your clients’ trusted adviser, just as Michael is my trusted musical adviser. Michael has achieved his trusted adviser role because of the high standards of music he recommends coupled with his wholehearted enthusiasm. Oh and he suggests things regularly (less now he’s away in London!).

What can you do to share something of value to all your business clients every month without fail?

What do you do already that makes your clients sit up and take notice, even though they’ve heard it before (like I did with ‘Move On Up’)?

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Paul Shrimpling