If you’ve ever seen me speak you know I’m passionate about accountants in practice, and the opportunities available to them to make a difference and make a fortune too!

But having attended the recent AccountingWeb conference and spoken at the recent ICAEW conference, I’m left speechless that there’s not more of a mad dash to embrace change.

Instead there’s still a steady, slow “let’s think about this” approach to change from the leaders of most accountancy firms.

Here’s me trying to shake this up a bit. Watch the video below and you’ll see why I’m pushing you to change and change faster than you’d like!

The reluctance to change is understandable, it’s a (grown up) human condition. Kids find it easy to change, adapt, modify in the face of continuous change.

You and your accounting practice need to adopt a child-like approach to change – embrace it, welcome it, make change the norm for you and your firm.

Why? Here’s why…

It’s no longer about change.

Change is so last year!!!

It’s now about disruption, revolution, insurrection.

If you think I’m being melodramatic and over-egging the change argument watch this 8 minute video from a most reputable commentator on the world of business.


When Apple is moving into the health industry you know the world is going bonkers – or being radically disrupted. Also the fact that it’s cheaper to manufacture in Europe than it is in China (if you have the right 3D printer). And if the world of finance is wondering when the death of the banks will happen rather than if, can you as an accountant be safe from disruption or safe from change?


Please wake up…NOW!

At the ICAEW Grow Your Practice conference (it was my pleasure to act as chairman for the day) there was a question from a partner/owner of a small firm:

“If I change now won’t everyone change and catch up? Doesn’t it mean I will have to change again soon enough to stay ahead?”

My response?

“YES and YES!”

If you want to grow the key issue is get good at changing.

And get good at changing often.

Please be awake to the rate of change/disruption in lots of industries, it’s happening in accountancy too.

This post is not about change. This post is about the rate of change and the need to become an expert at changing and changing regularly.

Want confirmation about the importance of this ‘disruption reality’? Read about what happens to the electricity and car companies and oil companies when Tesla and solar panel improvements connect the dots…


Assess your accountancy firm – how good on a scale of 1-10 are you at welcoming, encouraging, driving change?

To what extent do you think being the most adaptable accountancy firm will determine your future success?

Or am I being too melodramatic?!

Paul Shrimpling