The power of proof is as relevant to accountants as it is to your business owner clients.

In short…

If prospective clients doubt your firm and your abilities, they are unlikely to use you as their accountant.

A little surprisingly this is a good thing for your business!

It’s good because the same ‘doubting Thomas’ approach applies to your competition too.


Build proof and you reduce doubt. The more proof you have the more buyers can see you’re the ‘real-deal’. You’ll be more believable. Be more believable and chances are you’ll increase your volume of sales enquiries.

One of the four sources of proof is a strong guarantee.

Guarantees are talked about a lot but rarely put to work properly by accountants – or are they?

One firm we work with has a 30-day annual accounts turnaround guarantee from receiving clients’ books and records. This gives them a competitive advantage when talking to prospects who either value timely annual accounts or have had enough of delays from their existing accountant.

Another firm we work with has an over-riding ‘customer care’ guarantee which asks clients to only pay what they believe their service warrants.

Of course, there are many issues and concerns about guarantees… what are your experiences of guarantees in your firm and in your clients’ businesses?

What guarantees does your firm use?

What guarantees work for your business owner clients?

Are guarantees suited to a ‘trusted adviser’ relationship (I think they are)?

Click here to learn that taking guarantees seriously will give you a competitive edge over your competition.

Build strong guarantees as proof of your confidence to deliver the best service and care for your clients.