Accountants, Valentine and love all in the same sentence at the same time?

Yes, this is a stretch!

But it could profoundly influence the success of your accounting firm.

Emotional payoff is worthy of your attention…

Your firm, your brand, your people build a more profitable future when you build a stronger emotional connection with your clients.

If only you’d give it a go?

2 reasons this works for accountants:

1 Hard research proves how emotion pays off with buyers of products and services.

FOR EXAMPLE: If a credit card company can improve new account growth by 40% so can accountants. The credit card company built a stronger emotional connection with their customers and saw user rates and new client growth radically improve. Accountants can build an even stronger emotional bond with clients and achieve even greater fee and profit growth too

2 Your clients already have an emotional attachment to you, their accountant, because you’re in the relationship business. Business owners work with you because they know, like and trust you. Know, like and trust has high emotional relevance. Build trust and you succeed more, maybe even 40% more

This means you must do more to connect emotionally with clients.


Do things that prove you ‘love’ them. And do these things more often.

OK so ‘love’ might be too strong a word for accountants!

What about ‘care’?

Give clients what they want and you demonstrate that you care…

Build this into automatic, firm-wide client-care habits and you turn your client care into a system to help you build fees, build profits and build capital value. You also influence the success that your clients experience.

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