Do you really want business-critical tasks to happen in your firm without a checklist?

A concise checklist helps prevent mistakes, drives up standards and drives results up too.

A checklist is important for new employees to refer to on a daily basis…however, a checklist is even more important when familiarity creeps in on performing tasks. A robust checklist will ensure all the important steps are taken, the correct people are informed and the necessary processes and paperwork are completed. 

In short, nothing will get missed.

For your firm to run smoothly and with confidence, checklists must be seen as fundamental and non-negotiable.

More insights into the importance, success and value of checklists in the working environment can be found in Atul Gwande’s book ‘The Checklist Manifesto’. As well as being a good read Atul offers numerous real-life examples of where checklists have proved to be real ‘light bulb’ moments in many operational areas of business and healthcare also.  

In this small but important book Gwande takes you on a journey while he develops a checklist that is now being used in operating theatres around the world.

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