Good and successful negotiations will contribute significantly to your firm’s success, so it pays to take them seriously.

If you go to the negotiation table with a ‘I win, you lose’ mentality then the negotiation is likely to descend into argument and conflict very quickly…

So where do the best negotiators start?

Preparing and asking great questions to seek understanding of both parties is essential for successful negotiation.

It seems obvious to say but no amount of preparation is too much in approaching the complex or high-stakes involved in some negotiations. Plan both your approach to the subject under negotiation and the questions you want to ask.

So, what are the best questions to ask?

Ensure yours questions are respectful and working towards an agreement, don’t make them antagonistic and confrontational – this will most likely make your partner shut down and prepare for battle…

Rehearse the questions and the likely outcomes – that way you can anticipate the possible response from your negotiating partner and additional possible questions to follow up with…​

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