Actually a better question is:

"Am I brave enough with my guarantees?"

There's a rule of thumb in marketing that's worth remembering often.


Firing your big guns first means sharing your best marketing messages first, fast and hard.

So, before I can challenge you and other accountants about guarantees, I better walk the talk, fire my big guns first, and share one of our guarantees first. I can then call myself brave! See what you think...

Use Business Bitesize for 6 months. And if you don't believe it helps your accountancy firm improve customer care, impresses your introducers and helps you impress new prospective customers too, then you can have all your money back. No questions asked. Just our thanks for giving it a go.

This guarantee would have me writing cheques for more than £2,000 each time it is triggered. So it's reasonably brave don't you think?

Do guarantees make good economic sense for accountants?​

A guarantee has made massive economic sense for Premier Inn.

Their guarantee catapulted them to No.1 in their sector.

Their guarantee took them from a 3% market share to a 12% market share - that's 400% more revenue.

The Premier Inn guarantee (with Lenny Henry thrown in for good measure):

“We’re so confident you’ll have a great night’s sleep that if you don’t, we’ll give you your money back.”

To find out more about Premier Inn, more about guarantees and find some helpful examples and  tools in this 4 page report.

"But accountancy is different from hotels!"

Yes accountancy is different.

But doesn't a 400% increase in fees sound appealing? Thats like turning every £300,000 in fees into £1.2million.

All it would require are three things:

1. Work out a compelling guarantee that is stronger than your competition and won't bankrupt the firm

2. Put your guarantee up-front-and-central in all your marketing like Premier Inn have done

3. Be brave

Yes I know there's a challenge recruiting the people to fulfill such growth but at least you don't have to buy or build hotels!

If you're now driven to find out more about guarantees check out our 4-page report here

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