Here’s a challenge and a valuable opportunity.

Business owners would prefer to avoid or ignore auto enrolment.

Too many accountants would prefer to avoid or ignore the hassle of auto enrolment too.

However, a few accountants have embraced auto enrolment and turned it into a healthy source of revenue and a healthy source of new clients.

More importantly auto enrolment is a vital client care issue you must embrace wholeheartedly or you will risk treating it too lightly.

Client reaction is key…

Yesterday an accountancy firm shared with me how their client had expressed relief that they had removed the hassle, the anxiety and the uncertainty about what to do about workplace pensions and auto enrolment.

Another firm recently described how they managed to rescue a client from significant grief by dealing with a last minute (on their actual staging date) auto enrolment. The accountancy firm should never have let a client get to this stage really, but all credit to them for dropping everything and sorting it out.

Education is the name of the game…

In around 15 minutes, with a cuppa in your hand, you can get 3 significant and valuable insights into auto enrolment from an expert.

I’ve interviewed Frank Dixon, from Workplace Advice Group and got Frank to share 3 important insights – one important point for your clients, another that’s important to your accountancy firm and one pressing point from the pensions regulator.

If you prefer you can get the transcript of the audio and read it later.

You’ll find these valuable auto enrolment resources here

NB Listen to the most recent interview first (the one at the top) then feel free to get the others. Bookmark this page as there’ll be more insights uploaded in the coming weeks.