Auto Enrolment Insights For Accountants

Well done for checking out this page.  Check out the recordings below to see which subjects are of most relevance to you, your firm and your clients...

The Government's Auto Enrolment clock is ticking and you can't ignore it...

...instead here's a series of 15-25 minute recordings to help your firm make the most of the auto enrolment opportunity. More resources will be added so have a look below
These resources will help you, your team and your clients reduce the hassle, expense and worry of auto enrolment and turn it into a competitive advantage for your firm...
Every recording gives you 3 powerful insights: 
  1. An important auto enrolment insight for your accountancy firm
  2. An important auto enrolment insight for your business owner clients
  3. An important auto enrolment insight from the regulator - one not to ignore
Auto Enrolment Insights For Accountants Podcast
AE1: Auto Enrolment Essentials You Should Know

Duration: 23mins 59secs

  1. Accountant insight - What AE service should I provide and how much should I charge?​
  2. Business owner insight - How does a business owner choose the right pension for their team?
  3. Regulator insight - Who has to enrol?
Auto Enrolment Insights For Accountants Podcast
AE2: Accountants Must Deliver Value For Clients

Duration: 15mins 14secs

  1. Accountant insight - Payroll can now be seen as a brilliant way to win new high-value clients
  2. Business owner insight - It's easy to choose the wrong AE scheme - should you choose a 'basic pay' or 'qualified earnings' approach?
  3. Regulator insight - A 16-fold increase in fixed penalty fines puts your clients at risk - shouldn't accountants be helping business owners avoid this?
Is this this the biggest marketing opportunity for accountants in 2016?
BONUS VIDEO: The 7 big issues accountants and business owners must manage if they are to take auto enrolment seriously...

This 6 minute video shares 7 insights and 7 stories so that you can talk knowledgeably about auto enrolment with all your business owner clients

Paul Shrimpling Remarkable Practice

Paul and the Remarkable Practice team inspire accountancy firms like yours to achieve remarkable results.

Paul is convinced there is a massive client care opportunity and a massive new client marketing opportunity connected to auto enrolment. Plus if you don't advise clients well on AE you run the significant risk of losing clients. Check out Paul's blog posts here -

Frank Dixon Workplace Advice Group

Frank joined the financial service industry in 1986 and has since built an outstanding track record whilst working with some of the UK’s leading financial services and distribution groups. Frank is one of the founders of Workplace Advice Group and is leading the education of accountants and business owners on AE.

Frank and his team have advised and helped many Remarkable Practice client firms on how to make the most of AE with their business owner clients. Frank is also working with many other leading accountancy firms make the most of the AE opportunity. Find out more here -