There is a general belief in the business world that most internal meetings are pointless and result in little or no action or accountability…

So, is this the fault of the meeting or is the person running the meeting to blame?

In his book ‘Read This Before Our Next Meeting’ Al Pittampalli states:

“One mediocre meeting after another quietly corrodes our organisation, and every day we allow it to happen.

If an operating room were as sloppily run as our meetings, patients would die. If a restaurant kitchen put as little planning into the meal as we put into our meetings, dinner would never be served.

Worst of all, our meeting culture is changing how we focus, what we focus on and what decisions we make”

So, how can you turn around the success of the internal business in your accountancy firm?

How can you make your meetings compelling, successful and action driven?

To achieve internal meeting success, it’s important to remember that at the heart of any successful meeting is a decision.

Here’s Pittampalli again:

“We assume that somehow the meeting will make the decision. It never does. Meetings can’t make decisions; only leaders can.”

If you run your internal meetings so that bold decisions happen often and quickly, then ensure your decisions are supported by your people with healthy constructive debate, collaboration and action, you’ll be well on your way high energy meetings with drive and progress.

And how about making the decision first, the meeting second and perhaps not even having a meeting at all in some instances…

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