Business One Page Plan Report


Request this brief 4-page report and you’ll find three ways to measurably impress clients, introducers and prospects so they buy more and give you more referrals.

Here’s one business owner’s reaction to working with her accountant on her Business One Page Plan…

“The Business One Page Plan… has allowed me to look at my business in a whole new light and implement changes that have saved me six working days a month.”

Karen Tems, Managing Director – The Business Network

Karen uses the extra days she now has to spend 1 week every month in her villa in Mallorca.


Why take the Business One Page Plan seriously for your accountancy firm?

  1. Many business owners have seen a massive impact on their business results – from using the Business One Page Plan – see the graph opposite for the average results of 8 businesses in Lancashire (we see similar results from all locations)
  2. Many accountancy firms have already seen increasing fees and profits too, from using the Business One Page Plan



comparison table



In this brief but valuable report:

1. You’ll find a brief story about how one two-partner firm who signed up £46,000 of new fees following a Business One Page Plan event. Three of the seven buyers were existing, long-standing clients.

You’ll see from the report how you can work with your existing business owner clients so they become more than happy to spend more with your firm – you increase fees and profits across your firm.

2. You’ll also read about how an accountant worked with a creative marketing business with 30 employees on their Business One Page Plan for 20 months.

As a result, one of the two founding directors has left the business amicably and net profits have soared by more than £180,000. In addition the remaining director now works a four-day week rather than five.

The Business One Page Plan has clearly delivered value to this business. Find out more in the 4-page report…


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