It depends on whether you’re serious about winning new clients for your accounting firm.

If you are serious about winning new clients, you should know that events are one of the top 5 marketing activities for accounting firms.

This story proves it – and proves it convincingly.

Last year you may have seen us publish a report on 109 firms, and what exactly they do to find prospective clients that actually convert into paying clients.

As you’d expect referrals/recommendations was top.

But events also had a strong showing as one of 3 other top sources of converted leads.

Most firms, however, fail to make the most of events!

Not this firm.

This 7 director London firm (MHI Accountants), under real time-pressure, clearly proves that events work…

“I volunteered to do a presentation almost a year ago when I had more time available.”

“It was delayed and delayed and when the call for help eventually came the timing wasn't great. I needed to pull something together very quickly so I spoke about Canary Like KPIs taken from the Business Bitesize report on Healthy Heartfelt KPIs.”

To read more on KPI's click here...

“The audience was walked through a Business One Page Plan approach with references to other (relevant) Bitesize handouts... Result! Some great happy-sheet responses and 12 meeting requests from approx 30 people in the audience. (Don't ask me where I'm going to get the time for those meetings... just four done so far).”

- Clive Wilson, MHI Accountants

This firm isn’t alone.

Pentlands in Leamington Spa also stage regular events as a key part of their marketing model (using the same material Clive talks about above). Hallidays in Stockport run regular events. OBC in Eastbourne the same. AA Accountants in Peterborough too.

I’m sure you’ll know firms who stage their own events or present at other peoples’ events.

Generating 12 prospect meetings from an audience of 30 is very impressive.

What’s crystal clear is you miss out on new clients if you don’t present at events.

So should you run your own events or present at other people’s events?

Should you be making more of the events you do?

Should you do webinar or live events?

Some or all of the above is the right answer.

If you want to check out the resources that Clive uses when his back is against the wall on an event and how else he uses these resources to impress his business owner clients go here