What happens to your firms results when you start to measure the numbers that matter most to your customers?

You'll know why miners used to take canaries down the mine with them? To predict their future survival!

Should a canary stop singing and fall off it’s little perch, the miners knew the air quality was dangerous. But here's what matters most about this...

The emergency breathing-masks the miners used had between six and thirteen minutes of air. So when a canary fell off its perch, miners were fast to put on their breathing masks. Then they legged it, they got out of there fast!

Here's the rub. It's one thing to have a great health predictor - a canary - it's another to take action, and take action fast.

You want your firm to be healthy, you want your firm to succeed...

So start measuring what matters to your customers and your 'Key Performance Indicators' (numbers recording PAST performance) become 'Key Predictive Indicator’s (numbers recording FUTURE predicted performance.) Your KPIs become your business canary!

Act fast when these 'Key Predictive Indicators' change and your survival is more than likely.

Better still, take action because of what your 'Key Predictive Indicators' tell you and your success is more likely.

To secure the health of your firm and for more on how to measure what matters most to your customers go here.