You know your firm’s performance will improve when the skills, knowledge and abilities of your people improves.

And if, as a partner or senior manager, you’re convinced about the value of a structured appraisal process to your firm, then you must get wholeheartedly involved in every review until they become part of the culture of your firm.

When you work alongside every manager and every worker through the appraisal process you will be sending a very clear message about the culture of the firm and about your belief in the value of performance reviews.

When you take the appraisal process seriously, so will your team - this will then filter through your firm to every other manager and every other team and will then become part of your firm’s culture .

Accountancy firms using well conducted performance reviews as an integral part of their performance management will get the best out of their people.

The performance review must be organised properly and carefully and carried out effectively using the correct and relevant documentation with clear actions, goals and timelines.


Your firm grows when you help your people grow...

Build and use a methodical performance review (appraisal) process that fits your firm's culture, keep the process simple and execute the process brilliantly.