In 1994 Continental Airlines was failing miserably. In the previous decade, it had filed for bankruptcy twice.

But then Gordon Bethune took over...

Bethune simply got every employee focused on three key performance indicators -KPIs.

Together they delivered a remarkable comeback. Continental became one of the most profitable airlines in the sky in the late 1990s.

In 1994 they had a complex set of measures for their business, mostly focused on cost reduction – so Bethune theatrically burned the employee rulebook in their car park!

The rules had changed!

The game changed because Bethune changed the KPIs

He dumped all the complex cost focused measures and got every employee focused on three KPIs:

Less lost luggage

Fewer complaints

More on-time arrival

Notice how these three company KPIs matter to their customers.

Profits soared because they focused on KPIs that made a dramatic difference to their customers.

Bethune got all Continental employees taking regular action to improve these three customer-focused KPIs.
Less lost luggage – a quality KPI
Fewer complaints – a customer satisfaction KPI
On time arrival – a speed of delivery KPI.

What’s your equivalent to Bethune’s three customer-focused KPIs? Go here to work it out...