Only this week I was discussing the cross-selling results with a highly successful sole-practitioner. He was complaining how difficult it has been to get consistent cross-selling results.

Is this the cross-selling skills of the customer facing team, the lack of value in the services offered, the lack of focus on cross-selling or some other fatal flaw? Chances are it’s a blend but I’d value your thoughts.

What do you think?

What’s your experience during 2013?

What are your cross-selling expectations in 2014

The last year has seen us make significant strides in helping firms generate more referrals for their practice. We want to continue this and add cross-selling to the successes of 2014 too. Your thoughts will be appreciated…

If you’re interested in adding a new high-value service to your firm’s offering you might want to look at the work we’re doing around the Business One Page Plan.

Business One Page Plan is a web based software tool designed to help accountancy firms help their business owners master their numbers and achieve better results. I am running a one-day workshop in a couple of weeks for up to 20 partners who want to learn how to improve their cross-selling skills specifically on the Business One Page Plan. 11 seats are already taken – if you want to know more go here –

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