As the saying goes “practice makes perfect”.

You already know in this fast-moving business world that you need to improve just to stand still.

You also know that doing the same old, same old will mean that your firm will probably eventually fail.

Practicing something once just isn’t enough…by helping your people (and yourself) improve skills and expertise through deep practice you set yourself up for success.

So, what is deep practice I hear you ask?

Deep Practice is a special kind of practice that takes you to the edge of your abilities and then a little bit beyond (reach) - then requires you to practice every day or every week (repeat).

The science says it’s not your genes that determine your’s how hard you are willing to work, willing to practice, willing to reach, willing to fail and willing to repeat…

By practicing right at the edge of your ability, you develop the knowledge, skills and abilities that the average person never acquires. This is deep practice.

In sport, repetition is the norm, it’s expected.

However, in business, repeated training is often seen as a cost -  but it shouldn’t be!  Better to regard it as an investment in the future…

When you think differently about deep practice, your skills and expertise will improve and so will your results.

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