If your accountancy firm started making a loss it would provoke a reaction from you, wouldn’t it?

You would immediately work on doing something to reverse this loss.

But why is it that most accountancy firms wait until they make a loss or something goes wrong to look at improving their results?

Shouldn’t improving your results be something you are actively working on all the time?

Do your firm’s key measures actually measure what matters most and not just what you have always measured?

When you use client-focused measures in a future-focused way you will be more likely to identify and avoid problems…

And in avoiding problems, your firm will be healthier.

Something surely worth taking seriously given the current climate of uncertainty.

Most firm’s partners and managers measure what they think is right or what they have always measured.

BUT what if you started measuring what matters most to your clients –using Key Predictive Indicators to drive actions in your firm.

When you take action based on what your Key Predictive Indicators tell you, your firm will be more secure and more likely to survive and thrive, even in times of turmoil.

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