Che Guevara, the revolutionary leader, suggests that we all should “dream the impossible to make dreams a reality”.

Are you?

Are you dreaming the impossible for 2017?

Yes, you love it when your team achieves a business goal, especially if the goal is unexpected or against the run of play. And especially if your team really stretch themselves to achieve the goal.

For the record…

Che Guevara was urging us to be ambitious.

‘Dreaming the impossible’ is ambitious. It’s a stretch goal.

And stretch goals help focus the mind and make it more likely that you’ll achieve more.

What if you could achieve more?

What if, instead of taking little steps, you could take 2 or 3 giant leaps forward, what if your people, what if your firm, really stretched itself… really, really stretched itself?

What if instead of taking a year to achieve a goal you dream, plan and act on making it happen in 6 months? Or 3 months?

Lots of scientific evidence suggests that goal setting has an important economic and practical value. And there’s also a body of evidence that suggests stretch goals achieve the best results.

A stretch goal requires extending your thinking beyond normal ‘limits’. This is because it pushes you and your firm significantly beyond your current level of performance and requires different thinking and different action.

For your accountancy firm to succeed you must have stretch goals in place - you must dream the impossible and stretch yourselves beyond normal thinking and normal behaviour.

Resistance is normal…

Yes, people naturally resist setting stretch goals. You may resist too. But the research shows it’s worth stretching. You’ll find more on managing this resistance and how to get your people on board with stretch goals by getting the 4-page report at the link below.

To keep it simple, people work better when they are working towards an ambitious goal. As individuals or as a team, we all like to have targets to meet, deadlines to hit or numbers to achieve.


Give yourself an impossible challenge… stretch yourself to achieve an ambitious goal that as a business seems unobtainable, and you will see your stretch goal stretch your thinking, planning and actions.

Watch the profits of your firm grow by applying the science of stretch goals… Get your free 4-page business breakthrough report here now.