Easy Presentations For Accountants

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For growing your reputation and building a flow of referrals through great presentations

Easy Presentations For Accountants – a tried-and-tested system to help you deliver a remarkable presentation for your prospects and clients. Scroll down to see the available presentation packs…


The firms we consult with, who grow consistently over time, regularly host events or present at other people’s events.

Clearly accountants should seek out opportunities to speak in public – either at your own hosted events (you put them on) or as a guest speaker at other events.


Creating valuable and influential presentations is challenging and time consuming so…

Why not get your hands on pre-prepared presentation content here.

The Remarkable Practice team are creating a number of PowerPoint presentation packs, with notes, background research, and audience participation exercises you can quickly and easily use to create your own powerful and impact full presentations.

Currently the following packs are available. Click on the image to find out more

importance of goalsetting

changewhentimesare tough



YOUR PEACE-OF-MIND, MONEY BACK PROMISE: If you are not absolutely convinced the resources provided have saved you many hours of research and preparation time and help you deliver a remarkable presentation then guess what?! We want you to ask for your money back and we’ll return it with our thanks for checking it out.