In our personal lives, we automatically manage change in a way that is achievable and realistic.

Who would plan a big wedding only 2 weeks after the engagement?

Who would buy a house that was affordable or move in if it was not ready?

We manage and plan these changes to ensure maximum success, minimum stress and as little upheaval as possible.

Of course, along the way things happen to affect the management, sometimes wedding plans change, houses fall through, babies arrive early, but if we have the planning in place then we are normally ready to deal with the bumps in the road.

The same principles MUST be applied to managing change within your firm.

When change works well, it tends to follow a pattern. By understanding this pattern, you can make the change in the business as obvious, natural and normal as possible.

It’s vital to remember that the members of your team can't just drop everything and 'change', or learn new skills, just because you have decided change is necessary.

Give obvious and logical reasons for the change to get your team’s buy-in, and clear, realistically timed processes to ensure success.

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