The Business Owners Success Summit gives you and your business owner clients access to 12 leading business experts and their ‘how to… strategies for business success’ – all free of charge.

I’m one of the speakers! But I’d argue that the most exciting opportunity is listening to Charlie Mullins the multi-millionaire Founder and CEO of Pimlico Plumbers. Charlie will be sharing his own thoughts and advice about how to achieve entrepreneurial success.

The challenge is you need to act fast if you’re going to make use of this marketing and customer care opportunity.

The content is available next week between the 23rd and 25th June.

To help, you’ll find below a business owner version of this email so you can get it quickly and simply to your list of clients, prospects and introducers.

You can register for the summit here

You and your clients can also access 11 other leading business experts who will share their insights on a range of issues, including:

How you win more customers
Insider secrets on how you access finance
How you use social media to grow your business
How you succeed using a business one-page plan

I agreed to do this a few months back but didn’t realise the marketing and customer care potential for you and your firm until I recorded my Business One Page Plan content and saw the list of other speakers (which is why this is so last minute, please forgive me).

The Summit is completely FREE and completely virtual, meaning that all you need to participate is internet access and a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Delegates can listen in live, or at a time that suits them later in the day. In addition, delegates will have the opportunity to have permanent access to the recordings. For a small fee they can upgrade to the VIP package. The VIP package includes:

Audio Recordings of all 12 speakers
A full transcript of each interview
A one-page action sheet highlighting the key information from each speaker
A percentage from every upgrade will go to the Africa Educational Trust, supporting their work with school children in Northern Uganda.

NB Those who choose to upgrade will also have the opportunity to win a working lunch with Charlie Mullins at one of London’s top restaurants.

If you fancy getting your hands on this high value content and fancy sharing it with your business owner contacts go here

Hope you get chance to share this with your clients.

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Paul Shrimpling
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