It’s disappointing, disheartening and discouraging when you get a warm prospect for your firm and they don’t buy. Even more so when you know your firm’s accountancy services are right for them!

When you ask prospective customers smarter questions in a smarter way you improve your sales results.

The thing is, questions are something we all take for granted. And yet we’ve not been taught this essential skill for business – a skill to transform your relationship building, your conversations, your results.

Here’s a 4-page bitesize business breakthrough you can start implementing today.

Why read this report?

1. Better questions improve the way people respond to you and your proposal
2. Better questions change the way your customers think, feel and behave
3. Better questions better influence the decisions people make – in your favour

This Business Bitesize report is our way of sharing valuable business insights with our friends in the accountancy profession. But what does your firm of accountants share with your business owner clients to enhance the levels of trust they have for you?

What type of valuable information do you distribute to all your clients, prospects and introducers to build relationships that can pay off in the future?

What content do you distribute to prove you are worth listening to and watching and maybe contacting?