Learning and using a 4-phase habit-forming process can improve the sales and repeat sales of your accountancy firm’s products and services

It can help you build a network of clients, build profits and build capital value into your firm.

On the other hand, allow your competition to get ahead of you with the science of habit-forming products and you run the risk of losing out in a big way.

We’re hard-wired for habit!

Language habits; decision making habits; driving habits; teeth-brushing habits; buying habits…

Research suggests that we humans spend between 50% and 90% of our waking lives on autopilot. It’s unavoidable.

So, it pays to build habit into your firm’s products and services too.

Here are 4 points to remember when using the 4-phase habit forming process:

  • Work out which TRIGGERS to prompt client action to get the process started (remember a habit won’t form unless you get an initial (and then a repeating) action
  • Make the ACTION easier than thinking using simple, clear and obvious commands
  • The action prompts a reward - use VARIABLE REWARDS rather than predictable rewards for the actions taken (Work out which variable rewards work best for your products or services and for your client)
  • After simple, easy to action and variable rewards, work out an INVESTMENT that further hooks your clients​

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