If you are serious about growing your business then you will be serious about marketing your business.

If you are serious about marketing your business then you will have spent time and money on getting it right.

BUT spending time and money on marketing sizzle such as your brand, improving your brand recognition and improving your distinctiveness will all be for nothing if your core offer does not appeal to your customers.

Marketing sizzle is the work you do to be noticed by your customers.

Marketing sizzle will get people’s attention

BUT marketing sizzle will be your downfall if the core offer underneath isn’t strong enough!

When your core offer is strong the success of your sizzle will be strong too...

We have all heard the phrase more style than substance – when you increase your core offer you will have the substance needed to give your business style!

Summer is here and no doubt you’ll be enjoying a BBQ at some point…

The smell and the sizzle of the sausages makes your mouth water with anticipation…

BUT what if when you take the first bite you are disappointed by the taste of the sausage?

Will you eat the rest of it?

Will you have another one?

Will you tell other people to eat them?

Even though the ‘sizzle’ made you want the sausages the ‘offer’ did not live up to expectations.

​Click here to read how to make your core offer appeal to your customers and make your sausage the one everyone at the BBQ wants…