What sort of guarantees are enough to compel prospective clients to buy from you and not your competition?

If your guarantee does not tap into the most pressing concerns of your clients, then it isn’t worth using.

Listening to their customers’ most pressing needs gave Premier Inn success in a highly competitive market.  The budget hotel market is fiercely price competitive. So, you would think the guarantee made by IBIS would work. Their guarantee stated:

“If you can find a better deal elsewhere, we will match it and give you an additional 10% discount.”

But here is the IBIS challenge… their competitors Days Inn and Formule 1 each have the same guarantee! And Holiday Inn also provide a best-price guarantee.

The thing is, all the guarantees are the same, (except for the hotels with no guarantee in place).

With these guarantees, IBIS, Days, Formule 1 and Holiday Inn assume price is the most important issue with buyers.

But do customers really want to be going from budget hotel to budget hotel to save the odd pound or two when they already have a good rate with the first one?

Premier Inn’s guarantee stands out – they have thought about what really matters to their customers, they have listened to their most pressing concerns. Yes, price matters…

…but a good night’s sleep matters more when you are away from home and booking a hotel room.

Premier Inn demonstrates that by listening to what matters to their customers, their guarantee is different from their competition.

What guarantees can you create for your accountancy firm that will make you stand out?

And what’s your equivalent Premier Inn’s ‘good night’s sleep or your money back guarantee’?

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