A successful negotiation means that all parties reach a compromise or agreement while avoiding argument and dispute.

Contrary to what many believe, negotiation skills are not about beating the opposition. The best negotiations are ones where all parties win, resulting in everyone walking away from the negotiating table thinking that the deal they have is a good one.

So why do so many of us find it hard to negotiate well?

And why do so many business negotiations struggle to find a compromise?

Finding a deal which makes everyone happy is difficult, but it is possible…

A very simple story about a dying father leaving camels to his sons proves that in every negotiation there is a win-win to be had…

A dying father in the Middle East left 17 camels to his 3 sons.

To his first son he left half his camels, the second son he left a third of his camels and to his youngest son he left a ninth of his camels.

Of course, 17 cannot be divided by 2,3 or 9!

Discover how the sons, with a little help from a wise old woman, solved the problem and reached an outcome they were all happy with!

Click here to learn that when you remove the personalities from a negotiation, like the sons did by involving the wise old woman, you too can divide your camels successfully and reach a negotiation outcome where all parties feel they are winners.