As a partner or senior manager of your accountancy firm, you already know client care is a crucial element of your firm’s success.

Every contact your clients have with your firm is an opportunity for you to improve your reputation with them and increase the likelihood of bringing repeat business and further cross-sales.

From your first welcome and telephone manner to the efficiency of your accounts production systems, almost every aspect of your firm affects the way your clients view your firm.

So, if it so important, why is client care not at the top of every firms’ list of ‘things to do right’?

When you focus your energy, your people and your systems on creating ‘magical moments’ of client service you will create a loyal base of clients who will buy more, buy more frequently and recommend you to others.

When Jan Carlzon turned the fortunes of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) around he did it by doing just that!

He worked out they had just 5 x 15 second ‘moments of truth’ with every customer.

How long do you have?

These moments determine the success of failure of your firm…

For SAS, these moments didn’t happen with the airlines’ managers or directors, they happened with the customer facing staff of SAS, the check-in people, the ticket desk workers, the aircraft crew and the flight attendants. Carlzon knew that it was these people, the people in contact with customers every day, that would make or break the airline.

So, what can you do to get your client-facing, front-line staff delivering ‘magical moments’ to your clients? Moments that your clients will remember, moments that make them want to come back and use your firm again, moments that would make them recommend your firm to other people?​

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