How do you influence the behaviour of some of the most challenging people in your team?

For success, you must influence a change in behaviour of the few people in your business that are holding you back.

This is not simple. It’s complicated and it takes time…

You run a successful accountancy firm…now you want it to grow… to be more successful… to be more profitable…

Here are a few helping hands to ensure your firm’s success:

​- Be clear on the behaviours you DON’T want from your team

- Work out the influences in your team that are supporting the wrong behaviours

- Be clear on the behaviours you DO want from your people

- Work out which new influences from your people that will support the new behaviours you want

Remember you run a successful firm, but to grow your firm you need to be skilled at influencing the behaviours of your people that will in turn affect the profitability of your business.​

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