Built To Sell John Warrilow

Here’s yet another remarkable book summary you can devour in less time than it takes to drink a cuppa.

Two reasons you should read it:

1. John Warrilow’s book, Built To Sell is a brilliant insight into how you maximise the value of a business ready for sale – and you’ll read this summary in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea or coffee

2. This is the sort of thing you could be sending to your clients, your prospects and your introducers. If you did you’d set you and your firm apart from your competition. Plus it stands a good chance of instigating greater word-of-mouth about you and your firm (so you get more referrals)

This month’s BUSINESS BITESIZE answers an important question…

Wouldn’t it pay to know what it takes to build a SUSTAINABLE and ENJOYABLE business, and be able to sell it for more?

Grab a cup of tea, and have a look at 3 pages (and a half) of ‘BUSINESS BITESIZE’ – and discover how you build your business so it gives you what you want – maximum value at sale and a business you can enjoy on the way there!

When you get to the library page simply go to the Built To Sell link.

Is it worth reading?

Here’s what Bo Burlingham, editor of INC Magazine thinks about the book featured in this month’s Business Bitesize

“John Warrilow has interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs on the radio; he’s built his own business around the small business market; and he’s sold that business to someone else.”

What you’ll get when you read this month’s BUSINESS BITESIZE…

  • Turn your business into one someone will want to buy…
  • 8 essential steps for successfully selling a business…
  • 8 top tips to avoid the pitfalls most business owners make

Discover how you can put John Warrilow’s insights to work for you – all in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea or coffee!

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