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​Want to talk? Call: ​+44 1773 821689

Influence your way to a winning accountancy firm…

As an accountancy practice leader or manager, one of your jobs is to solve difficult issues and problems within your firm.

This requires you to influence people just about all of the time. This influencing can take many different forms: gaining support, inspiring others, persuading other people to embrace an idea or change and help create and build new relationships.

Whatever form it takes, when you become an excellent influencer, your job gets easier.

You know those people in your firm with deep rooted behaviour issues that are affecting your overall success…

You know that to move your accountancy firm forward, you need to change the way they do things…

The question is, how do you do this?

The world’s best influence experts use a formula – 6 sources of influence, to help them change what people do.

They believe that when you follow this model, you too will become a winning influencer.

They believe your firm wins when you improve your ability to positively influence others.

Click here to learn how to become an influence expert and positively influence the success of your accountancy firm.

Sally Wallwin

Paul (@shrimpers) works exclusively with accountancy firms helping them achieve remarkable results through remarkable practice. Paul has an active LinkedIn group dedicated to marketing for accountants - Marketing for UK accountants in Practice - more leads more often. If you're a manager, partner or marketing manager of an accountancy firm join us. Paul is also the creator of Marketing Services for Accountants and Business Bitesize - go to the products page to find out more...

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