What can we learn from Google, Apple, Dropbox and other uber-successful businesses about recruitment processes that result in high-quality and highly motivated new recruits?

Kim Scott led the AdSense team at Google and was also a faculty member at Apple University. She was a founder and CEO of a tech start-up, has coached the CEOs of Dropbox and Twitter and is a bestselling author as well. She even managed a paediatric clinic in war-torn Kosovo!

Kim Scott knows a thing or two about recruiting and about building high-performing teams.

In short, Kim suggests a 3-stage recruiting process:

A.  Create a well-structured JOB DESCRIPTION to bring form and function to your interviews and to your decision-making.

B.  PRE-SCREEN candidates so that you weed out those that look good on paper but who can’t actually do the job. At the same time, you will access candidates who may look weak on paper but who could do the job.

C.  INTERVIEW DEBRIEF to bring rigour to your decision-making.

If there was a fourth element, it would be to MOVE FAST once you’ve made a decision that has everyone ‘dying to hire’ your chosen candidate.

Kim’s approach is practical and simple, acknowledging the challenges you and everyone face when it comes to recruiting.

All hiring is flawed and subjective, and these drawbacks cannot be fixed; they can only be managed.”

Kim Scott - Radical Candour

Kim’s 3-stage process helps you manage your interviews so that you make better hiring decisions.

For more detail on the elements of each of the 3 stages, check out this 2-page interview resource...