Before you learn about how, in this half day workshop, you can help your business owner clients make much more profit here’s Dee…

…Dee Gerrish is from award-winning firm Clear Vision Accountancy in Wiltshire.

“Business owner clients love the way the Business One Page Plan web tool helps drive them to capture the right KPIs for their business. And because there are monthly prompts from the software as well as the regular check-ins with me they tell me they have a real sense of making progress towards their vision for their business. One of our clients particularly loves the action planning prompts the Business One Page Plan process provides.”

When asked about what she likes best about working with business owners using the Business One Page Plan Dee suggested:

“The Business One Page Plan enables us to record and track actions regardless of whether they are face to face or phone meetings. Then it is easy to email the action list to the client or view it online to track progress. The Business One Page Plan forces us to do it in a systematic way that works efficiently for me and effectively for our clients. What I like most is the fact it’s easy to show clients the value of running a Business One Page Plan and it’s simple to make work for them.”

Join us in London at the Crown Plaza in Kensington on the 13th November for an intensive, enjoyable and valuable half day workshop. You’ll get everything you need to help your clients grow profits by 16% or more.

When you join us…

• You’ll see how the Business One Page Plan can add more than £300,000 of fees to your practice like it has done for Mayes Accountants – Andrew Botham of Mayes will be attending the workshop to share their insights and answer all your questions

• You’ll discover a simple yet proven sales process Mayes have used to win more than dozens of £4000 Business One Page Plan clients

• Experience for yourself the Business One Page Plan marketing presentation which has created a queue of warm leads for Mayes

• It’s one thing to sell a new service, it’s another to do all the work necessary to make it work for the client, help them succeed and also generate profits for your firm. You’ll also see how all this is done

• You’ll be able to practice the key conversations that make Business One Page Planning work (in a non-pressured fun way)

• Starting something new is a good thing, keeping it going is what delivers long-term results. You’ll also discover how Mayes have made Business One Page Planning the key sales and marketing focus for their firm. This approach was mostly responsible for £89,000 of new fees for this firm since November 2013

• Learn how to free the time in your diary to make Business One Page Planning happen for you and your firm

When, where and how much?

When: Thursday 13th November 9.15am – 13.15pm
Where: Crowne Plaza, Kensington, London
How much: £169.00 + VAT
Guarantee: We want you to ask for your money back if you are in any doubt this event has delivered value to you and your firm – we’ll return your investment no questions asked with our thanks for attending.

Booking is easy…

NB. When we have run this workshop at other venues the 20 places have sold out so we expect London to do the same. Please book now to secure your place and be sure you are ahead of the game for 2014.

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We look forward to seeing you in London on the 13th November.

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Paul Shrimpling

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