Good To Great Jim Collins

I don’t know if Good to Great is the best business book ever, but…

…last year I read more than 25 business books and few stack up to the common sense power this book gives business owners like you and me.

Why is it one of the best?

Few books clearly show you how to outperform your closest rivals by more than 300% a year for 15 consecutive years!

And very few books can boast 100 years of in-depth research (20 people for 5 years)

Is it worthy of your attention?

Oh yes! Partly because we’ve made it really easy for you…

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Special Bonus…

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It’s printed on high-gloss art paper and looks truly fantastic. It would be a fantastic talking point with clients if mounted in your office or meeting room.

Why are we giving the summary away?

Because we want you to see how ‘talk-about-able’ these book-summaries are.


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Act now…

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