I think it is…

Check out the 6-minute video below that shows you how difficult the decisions about Auto Enrolment are for your business owner clients.

Is this this the biggest marketing opportunity for accountants in 2016?

Is this this the biggest marketing opportunity for accountants in 2016?

The 7 issues on the video are the 7 reasons why 8 out 10 business owners are turning to you, their accountants, for guidance, support and help with making their decisions.

However, time is short for you to make the most of this big opportunity.

The big opportunity?

The big issue?

Auto Enrolment for workplace pensions.

Accountants are in the firing-line on this…

Because the government has made non-compliance increasingly costly and stressful, auto enrolment is something business owners just cannot avoid.

If 8 out of 10 business owners believe you should be there to help them, you need to ‘step-up-to-the-plate’ and guide your clients on the 7 big issues of auto enrolment.

The video quickly and simply shares with you the 7 big issues.

If you aren’t seen by your clients to advise them fully and advise them in a timely way (more than 6 months before their staging date), you risk losing valued clients to other firms who are treating the 7 big AE issues seriously.

A genuine marketing opportunity…

In the second half of 2015, several firms I work closely with picked up the Auto Enrolment baton.

They ran a successful Auto Enrolment event (or ran several).

The feedback they got was VERY positive.

Their business owner clients appreciated the quality of the content.

So did their valued introducers, especially the bank managers they got to the event. One NatWest bank manager started referring business owners to the firm the following day.

Some of the prospects that showed up at the event have already become clients.

The feedback was so good for one firm in Yorkshire that they ended up running three auto-enrolment events in less than 2 months.

In summary…

· It’s too risky for your firm not to treat auto enrolment seriously, and urgently.

· It’s an important issue for your clients – one they will value your help with and even recommend others to you.

· It can help you win new clients and win-over valuable introducers (like the Nat West bank manager mentioned above) and help you grow your firm’s fees and profits.

Your next steps…

1. Make AE part of every client meeting from now on.

2. Work out how to get an event running soon.

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