KPIs that work for your firm are not only key PERFORMANCE indicators – they are key PREDICTIVE indicators. They predict your firm’s future success.

And when working out your KPIs using this definition you’ll want to get clarity on what makes your firm successful…

Simple solution: Happy clients willing to pay (again) will make your firm successful.

It’s important to think about the factors influencing your client’s experience:

  • Speed of what you do
  • Quality of what you do
  • The client care in what you do

These are ‘moments of truth’ in their experience of working with your firm (ref Jan Carlson’s book ‘Moments of Truth’):

So, what makes your client happy (magical moments)? And what makes them unhappy (miserable moments)? And what makes them neither one nor the other (neutral moments)?

Effective Key Predictive Indicators measure the ways in which your firm:

  • Makes miserable moments become neutral moments for your client
  • Makes neutral moments become magical moments for your client

Get faster (in the eyes of your client); deliver higher quality (in the eyes of your client); and REALLY care for them throughout their experience of working with your firm.

Do this and measure your performance in each area and you’ll have truly great KPIs for your firm and drive your firm to future success.

What business owner, what accountant, would not get really serious about these measures in their firm?

Are you?

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