When it comes to achieving your goals, reaching your business targets and ensuring your firm grows - there can be no such word as can’t.

Do you have a set of goals you want your firm to achieve?

What are they?

Are these goals written down?

Are these goals measurable?

Do you have a plan of how you can achieve them?

When you apply science to your goal setting you’ll more likely avoid the inevitable pitfalls along the way.

And only when you make your goals STRETCH goals will you achieve the level of success your hard work deserves.

So what are stretch goals?

Well for an Ostrich a stretch goal would be to fly…

Stretch goals require you to extend yourself way beyond your current performance level and push yourself to work smarter and harder than you are now.

By setting stretch goals for you and your firm you may not achieve them all - however just by coming close you will achieve remarkable results for you and remarkable results for your firm.

And you’ll probably achieve more than you would have done without setting the stretch goal. I know this video is make-believe and it's promoting samsung but it does go to show that dreaming big, having stretch goals changes thinking and behaviour. It'll make you smile too, check it out now, click the ostrich below... and leave your competition in the dust!

Remember – there is no such word as CAN’T - #dowhatyoucant

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